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Upgrade your Glock with the Radian Afterburner + Ramjet combo for unmatched recoil reduction and pinpoint accuracy. Crafted from hardened 416R stainless steel with a DLC coating, the Ramjet barrel aligns with the Afterburner compensator for exceptional durability and resistance to wear. The INTRA-LOK system guarantees a swift, secure installation. This upgrade fits G17 holsters and is an ideal compensator solution in states where threaded barrels are restricted.

At Bishop Defense, our unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every product we craft. Immerse yourself in our expansive range of firearm upgrades, from custom slides tailored for Glocks, including standout models like the Glock 19 Gen 5 slide, to aftermarket parts designed specifically for G19, G26, G17, G43X, G43, G34, and G21. Elevate your firearm's performance with our enhanced Glock parts, such as custom barrels, slides, and base plates. 

Whether you're in the market for ammo, Glock mags, rifle upgrades, or pistol enhancements, every Bishop Defense product is a testament to craftsmanship at its peak. Trust in our American-made firearm components for unmatched reliability and performance, and experience the pinnacle of firearm customization with Bishop Defense.

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Bishop Defense enhanced pistol slides for model G19, G17, G26, G43, and G21 are cut to high tolerances for solid lockups; ensuring accurate and reliable performance. Our barrels are sammi spec with tight and smooth rifling to retain accuracy under heavy shooting schedules. Our pistol magwells offer a large funnel because seconds matter when topping off your pistol. Don't worry banned states, we have you in mind! Bishop Defense magwells are compatible with 10rd factory magazines for Glock pistols.


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Here are some of the latest and greatest products from the Bishop Defense enhanced pistol accessory line. We also offer products like lower parts kits, upper parts kits, optics, magazines, and more! Check back often to see what exciting new firearm accessories we have for you.

When seconds count, our magwell aids in faster reloads.

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